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Wohooo!Mansai Nomura is gonna be casting in a movie called Nobou no Shiro(the floating castle)!!!.And the best part is,its gonna be release this year!!!(Unfortunately its being postponed to next year ==")Feel free to Google it!

busy Mansai

A couple of Mansai's recent kyogen performances:

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And more Onmyoji fics for the list

For those who missed the annual Yuletide squee, there are two more Onmyoji fics in the archive this year!

Traces of Spring - which is wonderful


Human - which is long XD

Also several very, very good Hamlet fics, though I guess folk were imagining David Tennant rather than Mansai when they wrote them, but what the heck, I imagined Mansai as I read ^^

Mansai the busy bee

Okay maybe not a bee as he'd look awful in yellow and black stripes, but for the start of 2009 he is a busy creature.

He's doing another of his Random Theatre Chat Shows, 7pm on February 24 at the Setagaya. I only have one of these on DVD and admit to being totally baffled by the concept, which seems to be part interview, part Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and mostly completely random winging it. I guess it makes sense if (a) you're Japanese, and (b) you actually know who the guests are. I would go just for the scenery XD

On a slightly more intellectual note, Mansai is directing a modern play called '六道輪迴' ('Six Directions of Reincarnation' - i.e. the Buddhist wheel of life principle), which (someone correct me if I'm wrong) appears to include Mansai, Mansaku and Rei Asami (who played Jocasta to Mansai's Oedipus in 2004).

Here's the press conference:

On a totally shallow and lustful note, Mansai looks hella hot and sexy there. Slightly tired and with his hair too long and wearing rather muted colours for him (though the dark brown satin 1940s-style suit is a good look). And a cravat! So cute!

[六道輪迴 news from gsll's blog]


This is a drive-by post as I'm on a deadline, but for hideincarnate and others who can get Japanese TV - Christmas Eve, 6.55pm will see the start of Mansai's new TV series あの戦争は何だったのか on the TBS channel. It runs until 11.32pm and is one ep of the show and a documentary.

The series website is here, including a couple of pics of Mansai.

Thanks to Anna for this info ^^

Anyone who does decide to watch it, please feel free to give your opinions about the show here on the comm! And let us know how much screentime Mansai gets. This is very important XD

Mansai as Emperor Showa (Hirohito)

So I was randomly surfing around and I found some stuff on a Chinese website about a new Japanese TV series...

(Mansai is on the top row, second from the left!!)

Mansai plays Tojo Hideki, known as 'The Razor', who was a general serving in Manchuria and who later became the Prime Minister (1941-1944) of Japan during World War II. Though ultra-conservative and favouring war, he did attempt to negotiate peace on instructions from Emperor Hirohito. He served in other political roles whilst remaining Prime Minister until he was forced to resign. After Japan's surrender, Hideki was arrested (at his home in Setagaya!) as a war criminal. He tried - and failed - to commit suicide, and was patched up by US surgeons. During his war crimes trial he accepted full responsibility for the war and also for ordering the slaughter of, and experimentation upon, millions of civilians and POWs. He was sentenced to death and was hanged in December 1948.

In an interview, Mansai acknowledged that some of his fans may be shocked by his role and said that 'playing a top-level war criminal with blood on his hands' may well dent his image. But he feels it's important to examine the events and personalities of the war.

The show appears to be called あの戦争は何だったのか (Ano Senso wa Nan Datta no ka) and is made/broadcast by the TBS station.

Chinese fans don't seem concerned by the fact that he's playing Public Enemy #1 so far LOL

I'm curious what he'll do with the role. He's played military types before but they were heroic. Now he's playing someone who went from hero to zero in a relatively short space of time. Also, how to depict decisions made in the context of war and a time of great fear when both actors and audience have the benefit of hindsight? I'm never sure how I feel about WW2 dramas. It still feels like it's too close.

Any thoughts?

If anyone has more info on this show, please let us know!

ETA: ami007 found the D-Wiki entry for the show (with the proper title) here, which states that Beat Takeshi is playing Tojo Hideki @@ Mansai is on the cast list so... er, yeah. Their source was from October 14. I'll do some more digging later.

No broadcast date is set. This show is in pre-production.

Son of ETA: Anyone with better eyesight than me want to look at the cast pics up there and see if they can spot Beat Takeshi? I dunno what he looks like these days.

GRANDCHILD OF ETA: Thanks to Anna for finding this out and texting me as I was driving to my parents' house LOL: Mansai is playing the role of Emperor Showa (Hirohito)! And Beat Takeshi is Tojo Hideki. Eeee, Mansai is an Emperor at last!!!!!

Fanfiction List - Batch 4

Well, to get my lazyass start posting again in this comm, here's this week's list:

16. Oni Komachi

17. The Dharani Daoist

PWP (no title)

19. Kidnapped

20. Watched Over

Refer to rules

So, I figured I'd post what little fan art I have done. As Mansai plays Seimei, I figure it's fair enough to post the fanart here. Keep in mind I am so Da Vinci, nor do I draw realistically so...yeah. XD I also don't use references because I am lame.

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Woo. Hope you liked it.
By ‘review’ I mean I will post some pics and a synopsis of each play and make random comments…

A collection of three of Mansaku's favourite Kyogen plays - or rather, two Kyogen plays and a Noh thingy.

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The Spread-End FanCollapse )

SanbasoCollapse )

Available from YesAsia [with English subtitles!]


An extract of Aguri

Mansai singing~~~ *__*

This is a part of the making of clip that can be found in this DVD:

mansakumansaikyougennosekaikyougenshinomuramansaihatsubutaikarashuumeimaでeisukesoshitenyu yo kunomuramansakusaigonokitsunen...